In the center of Berlin

on the banks of Spree

a unique place

is being created

The guest house

at Holzmarkt

In a mixture of hotel and cultural venue, the guest feels like visiting friends. Conceived by the Holzmarkt family, the house is a place of accommodation and encounters like no other in Berlin.

An atmoshpere between Grandma Helga and very far ahead invites people with colorful ideas to arrive, take a deep breath and exchange ideas.

The Holzmarkt

is a 12,000 square meter cooperatively organized city quarter in the heart of Berlin. A Gallic village in the middle of the city. There is arts and culture here, spaces for working, networking and debating. With an excellent cuisine and lots of urban green.

The Holzmarkt
– an urban district

Grown out of the techno and subculture, something rare was achieved in this place:

The famous Berlin culture of temporary use has not been suppressed here but has grown up.

The result is a microcosm of its own, with a concert hall and trade fair, offices, studios and ateliers, a kindergarten, a club and numerous small stores grouped around a central market square. More than 30 different tenants from Berlin’s booming art and creative scene are based here, and more than 400 people work at the Holzmarkt every day.

There is a wide variety of gastronomy, from street food trucks to the fine-dining restaurant Katerschmaus and lots of quality public space on the banks of the Spree

How it began

Being a host is part of the DNA of the Holzmarkt

Because already in the Bar25 friends were hosted in DIY huts on the banks of the Spree. Everyone next to the other, no hotel stars and no attitude. That is what made it exclusive.

Trailer: Bar25  – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit

Temporary usage
and placemaking

The guesthouse property has been gradually developed in line with the usage philosophy and spirit of the Holzmarkt. During the construction phase of the already realized Holzmarkt buildings, the „Pampa“ was created here, a public beach bar on the banks of the Spree, with a temporary theatre, urban gardens, a children’s playground and individual gastronomy. Now that the Holzmarkt village has become a renowned address in the city, the site can transform itself once again.


Things are happening around the Holzmarkt!

The neighbourhood along the Spree is one of the capital’s absolute cultural hotspots. A club scene that has grown over decades attracts people from all over the world. So it’s no coincidence that the neighbourhood has become a favourite location for numerous companies in the tech and media industries in recent years. Several new construction projects are currently underway, and the area is becoming one of Berlin’s high-rise clusters.

Thousands of new jobs, flats and student apartments are being built on more than half a million square meters of projected floor space in the immediate vicinity. With Haus EINS, the Holzmarkt cooperative itself is also planning an innovative wood hybrid high-rise in the quarter.


The guest house is an extension of the Holzmarkt with its own personality. Resembling a grapevine in terms of cubature, the house faces the sun and the water. The six stories on the street side are terraced to the south. The building blends into the topography of the site and allows a smooth transition between the public lobby on the ground floor floor and basement, the village market square, to then open up to the leafy banks of the Spree. The guest house is accessed underground, so that delivery and service do not take up any public space.


Rooms of all categories are on the sunny side with exit to the river Spree

Open gastronomy on the banks of the Spree

Backpacker area for low budget travellers

Interconnectable units for groups or families

Rooftop floor with suites and event space

The guesthouse has the right pillow for everyone: From the low-budget traveler, who rents a bunk bed with shared sanitary facilities in the backpacker area, to artists, clubbers and business travelers, who can enjoy the view of the water in the various room categories. Discerning guests have grand views of the city in the spacious and luxurious suites on the 7th floor.

All standard rooms have an exit to the sunny Spree side. Companies, friends or families, will find 4 adjacent units on each of 5 floors, which are rented individually, but can also be interconnected if necessary. The rooms thus adapt to individual needs for privacy or group feelings. The suites on the 7th floor can also be connected for events and celebrations if required.

The diverse offerings of the Holzmarkt are literally at guests‘ feet: wine store, café, bakery, general store, concert hall, theater, music studios and club, and of course the Katerschmaus restaurant. Or simply the sunset with your feet in the water.

The unique concept is reflected in efficient floor plans, both horizontally and vertically.






Split-level with reception, stores and gastronomy
opening to the Spree and the Holzmarkt


& Partner

Operating company guest house

Sustainable pension fund from Switzerland.
Partner of the Holzmarkt in the purchase of the land.
Leasehold provider.

Leasehold holder
Building contractor
Manager of the Holzmarkt Quarter

Partner in the cooperative financing network

Financing bank and member of the GuK

Operating company of the initiators and founders

Operational catering company

Event agency and venue operator of the Holzmarkt

Restaurant and gastronomy




minutes to Berghain

minutes to Ostbahnhof

minutes to kater blau


sqm land area

sqm GFA

meters of park benches

meters Riverside

planted trees

boat docks

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